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Task/Communication Updates - Jan'19
Task/Communication Updates - Jan'19
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Abbreviations Used: - 

Creator: - Agency User/ Admin User

Owner: - Where the task/communication is added. E.g. Client Profile/Caregiver Profile etc.

Assignee: - To whom the task is assigned.

1. Associated Party drop-down
Agency users will be able to select all entities from the drop down of “Associated party” when a New Task is created from any of the Client, Payer, Caregiver, Prospective Caregiver, other staff ‘s profile and from Address Book.

2. Email Notification
Email notification will be sent to Creator, Assignee, Associated Party and the entity on Task Creation.

Note: - Owner will not be notified by default via email notification. If owner is in the Associated Party list, then email notification will also be sent to the Owner.

3. Dashboard

Agency User/Admin User will be able to see that task on their dashboard in below given scenarios:

If task is created by an Agency User/ Admin User

Respective Agency user/Admin User are set as associated party

Respective Agency Users/Admin Users are assigned with that task.

4.Display in Personal Calendar

Tasks will be displayed in the Personal Calendar of all those Users only who are assigned with the tasks.

5. Edit Task

Creator and Assignee will be able to Edit the task.

Note: - 1. Set to myself should mean that the creator, assignee and associated party can only see it but only creator or assignee can edit it.

2. Assignee will get email reminder if reminder is Turned ON.

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